A watershed in moorings

Mountsorrel Staithe is a stunning new development located on the waterfront within the private, bollarded, Waterside estate. It was officially opened in June 2012.

The 32 berth Staithe is owned and managed by Blackhawk and forms part of the exclusive amenities on the Waterside. This unique Staithe includes the entrance channel from the River Soar, the internal basin and the paved or grassed towpaths. However, it excludes the estate roads, riverbank and surrounding land. Vehicular access to the Waterside is controlled by rising bollards with 24 hour CCTV surveillance and is available to residents only.

A restricted number of berths on the Staithe are currently available to non-residents. There is no car parking and recreational use of any part of the Waterside is not permitted, except that children may play on the Green.

All users of the Staithe are expected to respect the tranquillity and privacy of the Waterside.